Skip the lecture. Be engaged!


Keynotes and Workshops


If you are engaged, energized, and interested, you are more likely to retain information and walk away feeling motivated to make positive change.

Choose from one of UXL's keynotes or let Margaret customize a presentation especially for your team or organization.


Margaret's presentation style speaks for itself:

"When Margaret speaks she is dedicated, passionate, and extremely knowledgeable of the rapidly changing work environment" - Workshop Attendee

"What a great discussion! It was extremely thought provoking. Thank you for your insight!"
- Sales Student, SCU

"Margaret Smith was terrific. I have attended a lot of workshops over a long period of time and she has some suggestions that I had never heard before."
- Attendee of "You Can Get Hired" Workshop

"Margaret's teaching technique is awesome. She articulates her points in a clear and concise way so that student can easily understand the concepts that are being taught. She also has a caring demeanor towards the people that makes them feel comfortable and important." 
-Workshop Attendee