More Than Speaking

If speaking doesn't lead to action, what's the point?

Get your team engaged, excited, and energized. Margaret's presentations are interactive and packed with actionable advice. She has spoken to audiences from many different backgrounds and industries, from nonprofits to Fortune 500 companies, from retail to healthcare to finance.

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Advice that sticks

Margaret believes that if you're not actively engaged with a speaker, you won't retain much. 

Her presentations are characterized by audience interaction, hands-on activities, and actionable steps which can be utilized immediately.

Margaret has been praised for her innovative speaking style, her easy-to-apply and timely advice, and her ability to connect with audiences.

Margaret Smith was terrific. I have attended a lot of workshops over a long period of time and she has some suggestions that I had never heard before.
— Attendee of You Can Get Hired Workshop

Need a speaker? 

Watch this brief sample of Margaret speaking at the AGC to see if her speaking style fits with your needs.

The full video may be found HERE.

Thank you and please Contact Margaret if you'd like to hire her for your next event.