Meet Margaret

The founder of UXL is Margaret Smith.

Margaret is a professional speaker, career coach, leadership expert, and author. Her coaching style has been described as warm, effective, and energizing. With nearly 30 years of highly successful leadership experience at 3M, Margaret knows how to mentor and develop emerging leaders. She works with both individuals and teams to help achieve their personal vision of success.

Margaret: Your presentation style is superb, your stories relevant, and your energy is contagious.
— Jennifer Slater, Professional Insurance Women


Margaret's speaking style is engaged and energized. She specializes in career-accelerating topics such as leadership, team dynamics, self-discovery, and navigating transition periods.

She has experience speaking across many different industries, from healthcare to finance, and customizes each presentation for her audience.

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As a career coach, Margaret has helped countless individuals and teams find success.

She helps individuals capitalize on personal strengths, overcome barriers, take the next step in their career, or handle tough transitions.

Margaret also guides teams to improve communication, develop a better understanding of each other's strengths, and resolve conflicts.

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"Become the leader you already know you are."

That's the philosophy behind Margaret's leadership coaching. She enables and empowers individuals and teams to step into their leadership and discover the qualities that make them outstanding leaders.

Margaret, I truly appreciate your commitment as a leader to helping other leaders develop and grow. You have strengthened our organization.
— Workshop Attendee

Insights Discovery

Margaret is a licensed practitioner of Insights Discovery and Insights Deeper Discovery.

These innovative and empowering programs are designed for both individuals and teams to overcome challenges, capitalize on strengths, improve communication, and explore potential.

Many participants of these programs have experienced life-altering transformations. Learn how Insights can help guide you or your team.

Build A Boss

Developed by the TAG Team, the Build A Boss program is designed for first-time managers and emerging leaders.

Build A Boss not only develops strong leaders, but also focuses on their relationships with other co-workers, their team, and their organization.

The Build A Boss approach enables leaders to create positive, company-wide success.